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  • WebNext ERP: WebNext ERP is available in PHP, Java or .Net. Select any language which your developers have expertise. WebNext ERP is compatible with major databases from MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc. Just Plugin and use.

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  • IFap ERP Professional: IFap is a modern, highly customizable, enterprise-class business solution that can be deployed on-premise for a fraction of the cost of traditional ERP systems.

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In the spotlight

December 21, 2015
Infygen Technologies provides pre-launch offer for WebNext ERP with source code in PHP, Java and .Net, WebNextERP contains almost all modules to suit any sector of business. Take it personal, retail, manufacturing or enterprise. WebNext ERP has it all.  
December 15, 2014
Infygen Technologies now provides IFap ERP with source code, IFap ERP is now available with source code which enables our customers to own the software and resell the product in their own brand name.